What is Dalhousie Adventure All About

DALHOUSIE ADVENTURE is all about experiencing the great Himalayan outdoor and experiencing a life in the lap of Mother Nature in this beautiful province of Dalhousie. Our eco-tourism adventures are exciting, educational, safe, secure, informative and ecologically responsible. Our experienced guides will tell stories of this majestic land and explain the history and folklore that has surrounded this part of Himalayas for centuries.

Your guides are there to share their knowledge of these spectacular places, and ensure that each tour is a safe experience for all. We truly believe that our outdoor travel adventures are among the best outdoor adventure experiences you will find in Himachal. We are convinced that you will not only leave satisfied, but also be touched in a deep way. Whether you want to explore a cave, feel the spray off a hidden waterfall or climb the rolling highlands of Himalayan Mountains, we can safely guide you through all of your desired expeditions.

DALHOUSIE ADVENTURE invites you to join them, to explore the great Himalayas like never before, and return home with great photos and long lasting memories.