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Rent A Bike in Dalhousie

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4 / ABS Specifications

Engine Displ.
Power (PS)
Gear Box

Checklist of stuff for your tour to the Himalayan region

  • Good quality Helmet
  • Waterproof riding gear, or suitable clothing to ride in cold conditions which protects you in an unlikely spill; like leather pants or jeans
  • Rain gear, if riding gear is not waterproof
  • Riding boots or hiking boots
  • Riding gloves since it is cold out there and Enfield does not have heated grips
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Nightwear, casual clothing and warm clothing for time away from the motorcycle
  • Flip-flops or spare set of boots
  • Balaclava
  • Spare set of spectacles if applicable
  • Driving license
  • Headlamp with one set of spare batteries
  • Riding glasses or shades
  • Sunscreen
  • Dust goggles
  • Cap / hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Lumbar support belt
  • If you are taking any medication, carry them from home

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

You can call (+91) 889 414 9999 or write to bookings@dalhousieadventure.com

Can I have the motorcycle delivered to my location?

We prefer our customers to visit the shop and take the delivery. However, for any specific reasons you are unable to make it, we will deliver the same at an additional cost of Rs 400 per way, up to distance of 10Kms from our shop location. Extra charges would be applicable beyond 10 Kms. Delivery of the motorcycle is subject to letting us know in advance of the timing and location

Can I have the motorcycle delivered to my location?

  • You must have completed 25 years on the day of renting
  • You need to submit a copy of your driver licence and passport at the time of taking the bike. You must also produce the original driver licence for verification and carry the same along with you during the ride and submit any one original – Passport / Aadhar Card / Company ID Card / PAN
  • International visitors must hold a valid driving licence or permit
  • Refundable security deposit of Rs 25,000 to be paid. The amount would vary depending on the motorcycle and the number of days hired
  • Sign the hiring contract detailing the terms and conditions. For a brief on the terms, please see T & C on our site

When should I pay the motorcycle rental?

Rental amount has to be paid in full at the time of reservation to secure the booking

What is the security deposit?

There is a refundable deposit of Rs 25,000 per motorcycle before commencing the trip. The deposit rates would wary depending on the motorcycle and the number of days hired. This security deposit would be refunded provided the motorcycle is returned to us in the same condition without repairs or damages. In case of any repairs, the vehicle would be checked for at the service station thoroughly and any necessary amount will be deducted from the deposit

Can I drop the motorcycle at a different location?

This will be at the discretion of Date a Bike depending on the location you wish to drop the motorcycle, and will attract additional charges

Can I hire motorcycle for long trips?

Yes, you can hire for longer trips by booking in advance and subject to availability of the motorcycle. We also can customize your tour by providing suitable itinerary, arranging accommodation and provide a complete package for your tour. Whether you want to travel solo or in groups or with a guide you can contact us and we can personalize your tour

How does the insurance work?

The motorcycles come with insurance cover which includes personal, accident and third party. In case of any insurance claim by the company due to any damage by the renter, the renter shall be liable to pay the difference in amount post the claim provided by the insurance provider

Can I rent helmets and other safety gears?

Yes, you can rent helmet, jacket, gloves and other luggage system for additional cost

What happens if I cancel my booking?

After complete reservation if you wish to cancel the booking, cancellation charges would be applicable as per below. We will try our best to accommodate you on a different date within a month of the date of ride as per availability of the vehicle. During peak season, all cancellations would be non-refundable and the cancellation policy will  not be applicable

If in case of a no show after reservation or less than one week before scheduled date of hire – No refund
One week to Fifteen days before scheduled date of hire – 50% refund
More than fifteen days before scheduled date of hire – 90% refund

Is there any limit on the number of Kms that I can ride?

You can ride up to 300 Kms for 24 hours, 150 Kms for 10 hours and 75 Kms for 5 hours packages beyond which extra Km charges would be applicable at Rs 8 for RE motorcycles and Rs 12 for other motorcycles


Terms and Conditions

You confirm that you are over 25 years old

You must be holding a valid motorcycle licence. In case of non Indian licence, you must hold a valid International driving licence/ permit at the time of booking

You agree to return the motorcycle in the same condition without any damages/ repairs

You must refuel at the end of your trip

You agree to pay deposit amount and full hiring charges upfront and that the deposit amount would be refunded to you provided the vehicle is returned as per the terms and conditions in the agreement

You shall also agree to pay any other charges in accordance to the agreement including the following but not limited to optional services if any, applicable government taxes, late charges any other penalties, traffic violations, towing charges

You shall not:

Permit the motorcycle to be driven by any other person who is not an authorized driver under this agreement

Use the vehicle in violation of law, including but not limited to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in breach of rules and regulations of road traffic

Use the vehicle for any purpose other than riding like racing, contest etc

Permit the vehicle to be parked in any no parking areas or any roadways, driveway where it is likely to cause damage to the motorcycle

You agree that you are using the services of Date a Bike at your own risk and always agrees to alert Date a Bike in case of any mechanical failure or motorcycle issues

You agree to sign the detailed contract at the time of hiring the motorcycle and agree to abide by the same
Date a Bike reserves right to add/amend any of its existing Terms and Conditions any time at its own discretion and the customer agrees to abide to the changes

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